Maulana Ebrahim Dewla Sb Ke Anmol Baate

Maulana ibraheem sb dewla d.b ke bohat hi anmoal batein

1.Ye kaam vasila hai, asal kaam
sunnat aur shariah pay chalna hai,
jaisay wazu vasila hai namaz ka

(The work of tabligh is a means, while
the important work is to follow sunnah
and shariah, just as doing wadhu is a
means for praying salah.Wuzu is not
the objective)

2.Vasail ko karna hai taakay asal tak
pahunch jaaye, agar vasail may hi pad
jayengay toh phir deen ek rasam
banjayega, jo sirf dikhanay kay khabil

(We should adpot means(work of
tabligh) to reach the target(following
sunnah and shariah), if we just follow
means, then islam will become ritual,
which will be just for showing others)

3.Mehnath maksad kay liye hoti hai,
mehnath mehnath kay liye nahi hoti.
Tabligh chalnay phirnay kay liye nahi,
deen ko zindagi may laanay kay liye

(The work is done to get some result,
work is not done just because we have
to work. Tabligh is not just for moving
here and there, its to bring islam in our

4. Kaam phaylana alag hai, aur jaan
padna alag hai, hamay kaam may jaan
chahiye. Mawiya RaziAllahu anhu kay
zamanay may deen khoob phela, lekin
Umar RaziAllahu anhu kay zamanay
may jaan thi. Hamaray kaam may jaan

(Spreading the work is a different thing
and developing potential in the work is
a different thing. In the time of Mawiya
RaziAllahu anhu, islam was spread very
much. But in the time of Umar
RaziAllahu anhu there was potentiality
in islam. We need potential work)

5.kaam me Quality hona chahiye,
quantity nahi
(yes, he said those words
in english)

(There should be quality in work, not

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Author: Habeeb Shaikh

(Ahqar) Habeeb Shaikh (Gufiralahu), From Guntur,Andhra Pradesh,India. Email:

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